Guitar Lessons

  • Guitar Lessons

We Teach Music offers Guitar Lessons with a modern flavour. Our team of guitar teachers are energised and adaptable, we understand that the guitar can be taught in many different ways to suit each student’s individual tastes and needs. First and foremost we want to inspire our students to pick up the guitar and be self-motivated when it comes to practise. We want to help students learn the songs they love but still grasp the theory behind the music. Once students are inspired to play we encourage them to work from a relevant grading system. We offer Rockschool and classical grades in line with Trinity and ABRSM Syllabuses. Our guitar lessons include song-writing and composition, which adds an important element of creativity alongside targeted instrumental skills.

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Times and Days

  • Guitar Lessons take place on weekday evenings and weekends at the We Teach Music Studios, Stonepitts Farm, Sevenoaks, Kent. 
  • If taught within a school, guitar lesson times are on a rotation so as not to miss the same lesson repeatedly.

Music Teachers

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